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Growth Optimizr is all about the journey to achieve a ginormous goal that’s worth living for. We discuss personal productivity with a spin on startup mindset and tech culture.

The foundation of Growth Optimizr is that, for each individual, there’s a unique blend of mental states, beliefs, systems, and technologies that allow one to achieve rapid and massive personal and business growth. This complex process of building a great life can be compared to the processes that tech startups use to innovate their products and rapidly expand their businesses. In short, this process involves using design thinking to guide the way, rapid prototyping to test initial solutions, and then iteratively developing the solution to find the optimal way. It’s growth hacking for personal productivity and life!

As I am trying to engineer my own growth, I will be documenting my journey and share my experiments through this blog.

By the way, Hi! My name is Jah Gaines. My name might not give away much of my identity, but if you are curious, I am early 30s, living in Thailand. In my day job, I work as a professor teaching computer science at an engineering school. Outside of the university, I am a corporate consultant, a blogger, a business owner, and wife of a wonderful man.

I am a huge productivity nerd. I read lots of productivity books, blogs, and research studies. I put a lot of thought into the topic of how to change my life, and I take actions to improve myself constantly. My obsession with personal change has got my through eating disorders and depression in my early 20’s. Career-wise, I have pushed myself through some massive changes in my life. I went from being a little girl in a rural area of a third-world country to studying in ivy league universities in the US and getting a PhD in Neuroscience. Self-taught myself programming and machine learning, and breaking into tech consulting industry. At this stage of life, I am working towards growing my business and achieving financial independence.

This blog is still a work on progress, but I am glad you’ve come to check it out! If you are interested in what I write, I definitely want to get to know you and help you! So if you have any questions at all about the topics I write about, or just want to rant, feel free to contact me at growthoptimizr @